Coronavirus / (COVID-19) Waterpark Questions

Coronavirus / (COVID-19) waterpark questions and answers


Ever since the Coronavirus has came about multiple people have been curious about their health and safety when it comes to swimming pools, water parks, and all other aquatic related attractions and events.

We at Rowley and Reynolds have done our research and have created an easy to reference bit of information from major health organizations to help you in deciding what steps to take and places to visit based on the virus.

A Picture From The Thunder River Rapids Ride
  • Check out the inspection score of all locations you plan on visiting online and on-site. While a location might claim to have a great inspection score you should check out their score not only online, but on site to make sure they still have a high graded inspection score by the state.
  • Use mini test strips to check the chlorine or bromine levels of the location. The CDC has stated the recommend chlorine and bromine levels should kill all traces of the Coronavirus, but if a location has inadequate numbers you can still be infected. So purchasing test strips from a local hardware, pool supply, or general store should help in tracking if i a store has proper numbers.
  • Shower before and after entering water. A quick shower before will help make sure you do not bring anything into the aquatic environment and one after makes sure nothing follows you.
  • Watch out for bio contamination

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