Coronavirus / (COVID-19) Home Pool Questions

Coronavirus / (COVID-19) Home Pool Questions


If you own a home pool or hot tub you might be curious about COVID-19 and how it may affect you and your guests. Here are some commonly asked questions relating home pool ownership and the coronovirus that may be useful for you.

Should I wear a mask while I am using my pool or hot tub?

The CDC instructs that you should not wear a mask while inside any bodies of water as it can restrict your breathing and cause potential deadly situations. As well a wet mask greatly reduces its effectiveness at stopping the spread of COVID-19

Can I catch COVID-19 from other guests inside the pool?

While there has not been any evidence showing that the virus can spread in properly chemically treated bodies of water, you can catch it from being close to others as the main way to spread it is from water droplets via the mouth. It is best to socially distance yourself from others. If you have to be around guests in a pool then practicing the 6 foot rule of spacing is best.

Should I wear a mask while around the pool?

You should wear your mask when your face is dry and you are around the pool. Remember a wet mask is not very useful in stopping the spread.

What precautionary steps should I take with my pool to help against COVID-19?

Some key ones would be making sure you constantly clean all hand rails, slides, chairs, or any other items people tend to touch with their hands and or bodies. Also cleaning towels after every usage is a good method as well.

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