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Aquatic Safety, Accident Investigation/Reconstruction, Applicable Codes and Standard of Care, Expert Witness

The practice of forensic engineering strives to discover the truth and the reasons why an event occurred using the available information. In the world of natural bodies of water and manmade aquatic environments (e.g. water parks, water features, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and splash pads), there are a number of risk factors and potential causes. Every aquatic accident is different. Finding the truth requires technical expertise, investigative discipline, and insightful analysis.

Every accident is an occurrence of a unique set of physical facts. Understanding how an accident occurred and what factors contributed to it is essential to the litigation process and more importantly, to the development of preventive measures.

Matthew Reynolds, P.E., and the RRFE team are the preeminent expert witness firm in water-related accidents that result in injury, as well as technical failures that result in liability. RRFE’s areas of specific expertise in aquatics include:

  • drowning and near drowning (non-fatal)
  • diving accidents and spinal injury
  • construction defects and design defects
  • suction entrapment and hair entanglement
  • filter explosions (separations)
  • waterborne illness
  • underwater electrocutions
  • aquatic amusement rides
  • aquatic features
  • slips and falls
  • natural bodies of water

No other forensic engineering or expert witness firm in the aquatics field has the same level of experience, training, background, and dedication to uncovering the truth.

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